In order to achieve the best results from the Soetlief program, it is vital and highly recommended that the Recommended Training Schedule (as provided on the Portal) be followed. PDF's for parents can be found HERE


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TROOPS - Part 1

During the first 6 months, Soetlief will focus is on several fundamental emotional development concepts such as Sensory Awareness, Sensory Language, the understanding of Emotional Concepts and Body Signals through basic learning of emotional skills. This part will specifically focus on understanding through the senses. It is important to note that the child must be introduced to basic concepts before progressing to more complex topics, such as dealing with anger and fear.

TROOPS - Part 2

In this part of the program, training will move towards more complex (and perceived negative) emotions, such as anger (described as crankiness), identification of fear and how to express these emotions through example and demonstration, as well as sadness. Children will be introduced to several solutions on how to deal with perceived negative emotions and communicate accordingly.